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asian paints price list

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  • Asian Paints is India’s largest paint company based in Mumbai . It operates in 17 countries and has 23 paint manufacturing facilities in the world servicing consumers in over 65 countries.

    price list

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asian paints price list – Samsung Fascinate,

Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Mesmerize Decal Skin – Asian Flower Paint
Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Mesmerize Decal Skin - Asian Flower Paint
DecalSkins are thin covers designed to personalize your device while protecting from minor scratches. DecalSkins are not cases and are not designed to shield your device from impact-related damage.

Ready to personalize your phone, laptop, iPad, gaming system and other electronic devices? DecalSkin provides an instant makeover with high quality adhesive covers. Unlike silicon or epoxy covers that add bulk, DecalSkins add virtually no additional volume yet offer some surface protection from minor scratches.

So, what are the differences between a DecalSkin and a sticker? DecalSkins are made out of premium grade PET/PVC vinyl with an extra laminate coating, the same type of material you find on vehicle graphics and car wraps. A sticker normally made out of paper with adhesive backing. Skins are stretchable, not easily torn and can be removed easily without leaving harmful residues. Skins can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, while cleaning a sticker will damage the sticker itself.

All DecalSkins are digitally cut to ensure an exact fit with your device. They’re offered in a wide variety of designs so go ahead and find the pattern that expresses you best!


Chinese food tray with tall and carved handles. Red lacquered finish. The lids are decoratively carved–one lid is carved like a goldfish and the other lid is carved like a flower. Price listed is for each food tray,. Please specify which tray when ordering.


Bulb shaped Chinese buckets with lids. Beautifully painted in hues of gold. The lids are painted images of (left-to-right) bamboo, lotus, peony, and chrysanthemum. Price listed is for each bucket. Please specify which bucket(s) is being ordered.